polysexual - agender - they/them

                                                sign: leo sun, capricorn moon, aries rising

                                                fave color: red, black, purple

                                                favorite animal: hamsters & dogs

                                                favorite food: pasta

                                                favorite book: the alchemist, the power of now

                                                favorite shows: helluva boss, DHMIS, castlevania, cowboy bebop, the boys

                                                favorite games: garry's mod, divinity: original sin, baldur's gate 3, sea of thieves

you can find me on:

pokefarm - dappervolk - chicken smoothie
flight rising - pixpet - dragcave - neopets

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ENFP-TChaotic NeutralSanguine


I am Snivy!

I am a Misdreavus!

I am a Ninetales

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Year of the Tiger